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Allie lives in Vancouver and is currently enrolled in the Nursing Program at UBC. She has been a vegetarian all her life but loves dairy, particularly delicious cheeses. At the beginning of 2010, she made a New Years resolution to like the taste of all foods (the natural ingredients) and with the exception of olives, is doing quite well. She still has an exceptional love of burritos, but luckily, has greatly expanded her cooking repertoire and will pick up almost any ingredient in the produce market and make something new. Allie loves to cook much more than she enjoys baking, but luckily has a wonderful French partner who will doubtless be featuring often with recipes overloaded with butter and chocolate. Outside of nursing and cooking, Allie is a James Joyce fan (see blog) and knitter.


Katie lives in Providence, Rhode Island and is working towards a PhD in Literature at Brown University. She has always enjoyed cooking for others, starting a pretend restaurant (“Katie’s Kitchen”) at home at age 9. The restaurant had a single regular customer (her mom) and a vibrant menu featuring such delicacies as “cheese and mayonnaise sandwich”. Since then her repertoire has expanded greatly, but she still loves playing restaurant and fussing over her plating and presentation – even when she’s eating alone. Katie has an inordinate appreciation of both mustard and vinegar, and loves fish and chips and Jewish deli. She also loves Mexican foods, especially Huevos Rancheros. Outside of cooking, Katie enjoys hardboiled detective novels, film noir and crossword puzzles.
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  1. Erin permalink
    May 29, 2011 7:28 pm

    For the record, cheese and mayonnaise sandwiches can be very delicious, particularly if made with the right bread. And I think I was a second customer of yours – I seem to remember a vanilla and milk “shake” being served to me.

    Also, olives are gross.

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