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Food Anatomy: Asparagus Tomato Pasta Salad

August 23, 2012

I promised everyone a Food Anatomy series, and then went AWOL! My only excuse is that I’ve been off school for a month and have been thinking way more about reading books by the lake and settling into the new house than ANY kind of anatomy. Maybe you’ll see a flood of Food Anatomy posts once I’m back in lectures and getting reminded all the time (/daydreaming up new posts in class…?)

This one is verging on out of season – sorry! – but I’ve still seen a bit of local asparagus around at the food market so it’s not impossible. Plus, you could easily substitute beans, shelled peas or broccolini for the asparagus.

The only special note about this is that you should blanch the asparagus by adding the cut up pieces to the pasta water when the pasta is about 30 seconds under your ideal readiness. I also like using quartered cocktail bocconcini and cherry tomatoes (not pictured here).

Ingredients: see above
Instructions: assemble!

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