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Guest Post: Cucumber and Mint G&T

July 27, 2012

Katie F and Allie reunited this summer and got to do some cooking together with Helene and our friend Katie C, who has guest posted on the blog before. We spent Canada Day weekend in Whistler mainly eating, but also playing a lot of Settlers of Catan and chilling out in the hot tub with these amazing drinks. So, here’s our friend Katie C back again with another wonderful guest post. Thanks Katie!

This recipe, a subtle twist on your standard gin and tonic, was originally inspired by a similar beverage that a friend mixed for me on the fly as we literally ran out the door to a concert – it featured hastily muddled cucumber, a bit of mint, and a splash of lime. Just when I thought that I had never consumed such a delicious version of the classic G & T, the recipe would be further embellished by the same friend’s roommate, a bartender (and all-around fantastic person), who suggested the cucumbers be thinly sliced length-wise to provide a lovely twirled look to the drink.

Armed with this new twist on an old favourite, as well as friends who have a tendency to over plan our travel menu whenever we vacation together, it became quite clear that the Cucumber Mint Gin & Tonic would become the signature cocktail of our Whistler Canada Day weekend… two and a half weeks in advance.

If the combination of flavours in this gin & tonic sound excessive, never fear; the muddled cucumber lends coolness to the drink that manages to temper the zest of the lime and the freshness of the mint leaves. And besides, aren’t vacations all about excess? We needed something to wash down all of the gourmet food we were preparing. And accompany us to the rooftop hot tub. And quench our thirst as we sat on the ski run watching the Canada Day fireworks. Excessive? Hardly.

1-2 oz. gin (I prefer Bombay Sapphire for the price and the taste, but if you want to get all fancy with your alcohol, go for Hendrick’s)
2 mint leaves
3 thinly sliced rounds of a long English cucumber
1 strip of cucumber, cut thinly length-wise
1 lime
Tonic water
Ice cubes
One tall high ball glass

How To
Place the round cucumber slices and the two mint sprigs in the bottom of your glass, as well as a squeeze of limejuice. Muddle all three together, then adding 2 ice cubes as well as the 1-2 ounces of gin. Follow by filling the glass to the top with club soda. Roll your thin length-wise slice of cucumber into a circle, and drop the cucumber spiral into the top of the glass, letting it expand and twirl downward into the drink (you may have to poke the cucumber spiral with a spoon to aid this process). Garnish with a lime wedge if you so desire. Find your nearest hot tub and settle in with your fancy G & T in hand. Enjoy!

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