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Food Anatomy: Taco Salad

June 12, 2012

As an homage to my newly chosen profession (ha), I’m starting a new ongoing series on the blog: Food Anatomy. Though we sometimes do like to bring you fancy things, a lot of great meals are simply throw-togethers or a bunch of wonderful ingredients. The idea is that all you really need to make these meals is an informative picture with its broken down components (though I’ll still give you the ‘recipe’ below). I think that meals like this are one great way to celebrate food, since you really taste each ingredient and rely on the foods themselves, rather than added flavour, to bring the taste. And just because I have an ‘anatomy’ series now, doesn’t mean I’m leaving behind the puns! Here goes:

Though my nursing school runs through most of the summer, I also get a lot of days off. This is great because whether Hélène is home or not, I get to have a fresh made lunch! I’m okay with bringing leftovers to school or work but I’d really prefer to make something new for every meal. I know some people love to make big pots of things and refrigerate or freeze leftovers for lunches (and even dinners) but I just can’t do it – I get sick of things too quickly and always want something different.

Taco salad sounds a bit ridiculous but it’s a GREAT lunch at home, especially if the ingredients are good quality. It’s a good once-off meal as well, which makes it perfect for me even if it totally sounds like ‘kid food’.

Taco Salad

Layer the following:
Beans – leftovers work great, or just toss them in some chili powder for flavour
Lettuce, shredded
Diced bell peppers
Optional: other veggies (I used some cucumber)

Top with:
Grated cheese
Diced avocado
Homemade salsa (blend or chop tomatoes, red onion, garlic and cilantro with a bit of cayenne powder)
Tortilla chips for scooping

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