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Guest Post: Katie C’s “A Rosé by any other name…” Sangria

August 25, 2011

Sangria is the perfect summer drink.  Besides being an aesthetically pleasing libation, the copious amount of somewhat healthy fruit crammed into the pitcher offsets the guilt you feel drinking a glass – or two, or three – of this sugary wine beverage.

Yet a common stumbling block for many people with sangria is the fact that it contains A LOT of red wine.  Many people I know either can’t drink or don’t like red wine, or much prefer the lighter, crisper taste of white wine during the summer months.  However, I am a huge fan of red wine, and would happily have a glass of malbec over a sauvignon blanc any day of week.  The perfect compromise between the two wine camps, then, is to use rosé!

Inspired by my brush with “blush sangria” at a Victoria Brown’s Social House, and drawing on the combined inspiration of many different sangria recipes, here is my own ad-libbed recipe for rosé sangria.

2 peaches
2 navel oranges
1 lemon
1 lb. strawberries
¼ cup sugar (optional)
1 bottle of rosé (I used the brand new Copper Moon Rosé.  It’s cheap, delicious and perfect for making sangria!  You don’t have to be too discerning about the quality of wine you use here)
2 oz. Grand Marnier (you can always substitute a fruity liqueur of your choosing here; anything to give your sangria that extra alcoholic kick)
1 ½ cups white grape juice
1 bottle club soda
1 VERY LARGE pitcher
Mint leaves (for decoration, if you’re feeling fancy)
A patio and a bunch of sangria thirsty friends

Peel and cut peaches into small hunks (eighths).  Also cut oranges into eighths, leaving the peel on the fruit.  Cut lemon in a similar way.  Hull and slice strawberries.  Place all fruit in pitcher, pouring in sugar and mixing thoroughly.  Add rosé, Grand Marnier, and grape juice to the pitcher, mixing thoroughly again.  Cover pitcher and place in fridge, allowing sangria mixture to chill and marinate for about an hour (or longer, depending on how eager you are to drink your creation!).  When you’re ready to your sangria serve, top up the empty space remaining in the pitcher with club soda, and mix once again.  Pour yourself and each of your friends a sizeable glass of sangria, position yourselves on a nearby patio, and enjoy!

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